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Anna Chromy

The female Michelangelo

One of the most significant, leading figures on the most recent international sculpture scene is Anna Chromy - a lady I admire since over a decade. Despite her modesty, she has been a well-known name on the international art market for a long time and is hailed as the 'female Michelangelo'. Pope John Paul II has one, Prince Rainier of Monaco has two, the Nuremberg Insurance Corporation has three, the Karajan Foundation has four, the resort town Forte dei Marmi has five, the old town of Prague has six sculptures of Anna Chromy...

The Austrian artist and sculptress set up her atelier in Pitrasanta in Tuscany, the Mecca of all great names in sculpture such as Botero, Cesar, Niki de St. Phalle and many others. And it is here that Anna Chromy has composed a spectacular work that is unlike anything that has been done before. Inspired by Mozart's divine Requiem and - having been confronted by death on a number of occasions herself and always conscious of the transitory nature of existence - Anna Chromy realised a much sought-after dream.

Anna Chromy:
It have done a life-size rendering of "Don Giovanni"! This is probably the first opera ever done in bronze, and as you can see, Nathalie, here I have put the "Equus" - the horse's head - on Don Giovanni, since a horse's head is a wonderful Eros symbol in my opinion.

Don Giovanni - the passionate lover, sculpted with the head of a pure-bred stallion! Life-size, he stands there with a soul of bronze. With his mane flowing, rival Don Ottavio is seen fighting for the one they love. Theatre and dance - subjects which have fascinated Anna Chromy ever since she was a child. Now, at the height of her career, she has managed to render Mozart's figures immortal in a golden setting. Each one of the eight life-size, three-dimensional figures play a key role in Anna's work - in Mozart's opera which is no longer only for the ears, but suddenly also becomes visible and tangible.

Click to enlarge photos: "Don Giovanni" by Anna Chromy - the first opera ever created in bronze.

Thanks to the highly sophisticated dramaturgy, the sculptress has managed to bring together all the sculptures in a uniform whole. Here all the figures meet for one last celebration, hosted by legendary lover Don Giovanni on the eve of his death. Even in Anna's earlier work, death constantly emerges as a frightening empty shell - a subject by the way that plays a central role for her like the universe with its numerous facets. There is no doubt that the masterpiece in her Don Giovanni creation is the figure of death - that guest from beyond who appears at Don Giovannis' last party to give him the kiss of death. One can hardly resist an involuntary shiver when looking at the empty coat. This indefinable emotion also made a lasting impression on Prince Rainer of Monaco and his son Prince Albert who decided to have Anna Chromy's opera sculptures moved to Monaco.

Born in Bohemia, brought up in Austria, and resident in France, Anna Chromy combines the precise mind of her German father, the Slav soul of her mother, and the charm of a French woman so harmoniously that she fully deserves to be called "European". There are no bounds set to her work: it is full of imagination, imbued with visionary power.

For the 1992 World Expo in Seville, the prize-winning artist created the "men, earth, universe" painting that would later even be used as a motif for telephone cards. Naturally Anna Chromy is happy with her success, but it is of secondary importance to her. She can only find real satisfaction when she is working and creating. She is a sensitive woman with enormous visionary talent and she has the artistic skills of an Old Master. While she shows me around her atelier, I also recognise in her work strokes reminiscent of her famous teacher and artist friend Salvador Dali.

Anna Chromy
Dali is my role model - I don't know if I manage to get anywhere near his genius. He inspired me tremendously and we later had a wonderful friendship. He always ate in Delaunay and once he said: "So show me what you paint"...and I said: "I don't know if I have any imagination, because you told me that women have no imagination..." Mmmh...he then disappeared with my picture only to come back later and say I wasn't a woman (laughs)

Since completing her art degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris, Anna's home has been in Roquebrune, Cap Martin, on the Côte d'Azur, lives in complete seclusion with her entrepreneurial husband Wolfgang Stein.

Click to enlarge photos of "Le Fondation de la Paix" - home of artist Anna Chromy.

Exhibited here, in her magnificent Villa (which is at the same time seat of her 'Fondation de la Paix') are her innumerable drawings, sculptures and marvelous paintings, which are very much influenced by the magical "Phantastic Realism" - a style that became world-famous thanks to Prof. Ernst Fuchs, a friend of Anna Chromy and who later became also my friend as you can read in my "Special Feature". Anna Chromy has dedicated herself heart and soul to art and in their beautiful manor house. Even as a young girl, Anna loved the ballet and games of charades, visions and dreams! My preferred paintings are "The four seasons"...

Anna Chromy's paintings "Spring"; "Summer "; "Autumn"; "Winter"

The sculptresses' works are dispersed over all of Germany, with a notable concentration in Bavaria, where every year a personality who has helped equestrian sports is honored with the sculpture "Equus" (the latin word for horse), considered as the "Oscar" in this field. The Trophy is awarded to somebody who has made an outstanding contribution to the sport.

Anna Chromy:
The most beautiful part of a horse is its hindquarters - ours are not as nice...a horse's are full of power and energy. I have always loved horses - even as a young girl I found them fascinating. I have also painted many famous portraits of horses such as "The white stallion" at the Vienna Riding School or at the Spanish Andalusian Riding School in Jerez de la Frontera. I created the sculpture "Equus" in Pietrasanta, where I have my atelier and where one can still breathe in the inspiration of Michelangelo.

And that's where the story starts again...! It was here, where Anna Chromy also composed her most spectacular work: the life-size rendering of "Don Giovanni" - the first opera ever done in bronze!

Next exhibition

from 2nd June to 24th August 2005
Place Vendôme, Paris

The Place Vendôme is one of the most beautiful venues in the world, and certainly the most elegant and most luxurious. It is surrounded by a chain of luxury jewelers, five-star hotels and designer boutiques, the names of which, such as Gotha des Savoir vivre, stand out. Here, 30 works of art, all life-size, in bronze and marble, have given rise to the largest, theatrical staging of open air sculptures, systematically designed to embrace many mythological characters who have contributed most to the structuring and creation of myths in our collective and individual subconscious. Characters like Europa, Alcyone, Cronus, Sisyphus, Orpheus, Eurydice, Ulysses, Hercules, the river Gods of the Earth who thanks to the imagination of Anna Chromy have undergone fiery metamorphoses and admirably manage to reflect the feelings and conflicts of the world in which we live.


China is the most recent large-scale growth market, and Shanghai its business centre. Everyone's thinking about it, everyone's talking about it, yet so far few have had the good fortune to discover the right contacts. Anna Chromy has achieved this through music, and her friendship with the pianist Chow Ching Ling, who is resident in Paris. Their friends, the Chinese ambassador in Paris, the director of the Shanghai Conservatory and many more, will stand by the partners of Anna Chromy`s exhibition.

I will inform you early enough if we have the final dates of the exhibition.

If you would like to contact the artist, please send an e-mail to

and I will forward your request to Anna Chromy personally.

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