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Sculptor Lorenzo Quinn
Creator of symbol-oriented realism

Lorenzo Quinn was born in Rome in 1966 as the youngest son of a legendary film star: the late Anthony Quinn. Like father, like son, and from his childhood Lorenzo soon learnt to express himself artistically. Acting was his passion, but the Fine Arts became his vocation. His career has not always been easy, because his father's name is one of the most famous in the world.

However, Lorenzo Quinn has succeeded in establishing himself in the world of art without relying on his father. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in New York and subsequently as a sculptor discovered his individual style in symbol-oriented realism - always inspired by the wonders of the universe. Sculptures by Lorenzo Quinn are to be seen in countless high society residences. His art is in demand. It reminds one of the classical sculptures of the Italian masters but it also reflects the power of the modern time.

Lorenzo Quinn
I like to talk about life – life in general. You see, I think we‘ve lost the sense of art in the past century. Now we have the radio, now we have the magazines, now we have the TV and they tell the stories. So artists don‘t know what to do and don‘t know what to talk about. So what I like to do is to talk about the future looking twords the past. So in my sculptures I try to tell a story, each sculpture has a story – I never do a sculpture just for purely aesthetical reasons. I don't believe art should be purely aesthetical, I believe it should say something.

My TV-team and I are in Modena as it is here where Lorenzo hosts a magnificent exhibition. He deserves to be proud. The visitors are fascinated - just like me. In one of the salons I discover a sculpture which is a symbol for the different stages of life. It is called "Stairs of Life"...

Click to enlarge pictures: The artist Lorenzo Quinn and his sculptures "Stairs of life"; "Hand of god" and "Hands"

Lorenzo Quinn
„Stairs of life“ has a beautiful story. I believe that life is a staircase, and we never take one step at a time, until we're forced to do so by nature. Here you see three male figures. Etnos, the youngest figure, has a hole in his stomach symbolizing the hunger for knowledge and success. The development is difficult and painful until one finally arrives near the top of the career ladder - rich and spoilt, and also more often than not, cold, hard and calculating! Tunios, the central figure, is an icon of achievement and success standing atop countless coins. Alone and abandoned, one enters the third stage of life. Man No. 3, Vernios, has to recognize how fragile life is and how quickly - if not careful - one can be left with only the broken fragments of happiness!

Starting out as a painter in 1982 he soon discovered that a dimension was missing from his works. He turned to sculpting because of a need to create. He felt that as a painter he could not offer anything that had not been offered already by other artists before him. Sculpting allows him to convey his innermost feelings to the viewer, it is in fact this direct communication which Lorenzo constantly seeks in all of his works. "It is the viewer that interests me not the art critic...I make art for myself and the people who wish to come along for a ride through my dreams." While Lorenzo and I walk around his exhibition, I discover another amazing sculpture...

Lorenzo Quinn
This one is called „Hand of God“ and this was from a poem that I read once and I loved it. It‘s about a man that was walking on the beach and for each step, for each period of life, he saw two footprints, one his and one Gods. But in the moment of need and trouble there was only one set of footprints. And so he said to God: I don‘t understand why – you told me that you would always be beside me. But I notice in the moment when I really needed you, the moments of needs and trouble, there is only one set of footprints in the sand – why did you leave me when I needed you the most? And God says:“My son, my precious child, I would never leave you. In the moments of need, when you were in trouble, when you only see one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you!

He gets his inspiration to create from life's everyday experiences, as well as from poems and literature in general but especially from observing life's energy. Symbol-realism is the nomenclature most commonly used when viewing Lorenzo's works. Savoring life to its fullest is very important to Lorenzo; it allows him to enjoy the many different aspects of existence. As a result, each of his works represent a period, an emotion, a symbol.

I have the impression that love is one of the major themes in your sculpture work. Am I right?

Lorenzo Quinn
Yes, it is because I believe in family values - not only in my own family but also my present familiy, my future family meaning my wife and my babies. And of course love is a big part of that, love and honesty. I have a sculpture called „Adam & Eve“ which has been thank God very successful. In fact I make jewels from Adam & Eve, too. It‘s about a man and a woman together and how one would be empty without the other and how one needs the other, because we complement each other. And that's sure with my relationship with my wife – she really completes me and that‘s important!

Click to enlarge pictures from my personal photo-album.

I have known Lorenzo and Giovanna since 13 years. We are friends and see each other often. Giovanna, a Venetian by birth, a former beauty queen and several times "Miss Universe", is the love of Lorenzo's life. They jet between New York, Italy and Spain with their two sons and are a truly happy family, not only in front of the camera. The little one, with the unmistakable Quinn imprint, is a delightful little chap and - just like his father and grandfather - enjoys being the centre of attention. Lorenzo's profound love for his own family is very clear - and is reflected in his sculptures. They all deal with the important things in life: birth and death, everyday experiences, God, love and eroticism. Someone who must know how to appreciate this was famous lady-killer, Anthony Quinn.

What did your father - who was a renowned artist and sculptor, too - think of your sculptures?

Lorenzo Quinn
He really loved my art! Honestly he adored my art. Even though in the beginning it was very hard for me because I started with nothing, with only 3 or 4 sculptures, but I never wanted economical help from my father. I wanted to do on my own. But you know, whenever I needed him to be there for one of my openings or I needed an appearance from him for anything, he was there for me and he always supported me and that‘s more than I can ask for!

Tell me, Lorenzo, do you see yourself more as an actor or as a sculptor?

Lorenzo Quinn
Well Nathalie, I tell you, since I was a baby everyone expected me almost to be an actor because I looked so much like my father and everybody said you will be such a perfect actor, such a wonderful actor, better than your father, this than your father, that than your father. So almost like a duty I had to become an actor but I tell you, I prefer sculpting in a way. Sculpting is more direct. And also I like the direct contact with the people and the fact that they can touch my sculptures and talk to me and ask me questions. You meet so many wonderful people and I get to travel so much – it‘s fantastic!

You told me that you were once acting in a film about the life of your father

Lorenzo Quinn
Yes, he was doing a movie, a very important movie, and I played him young. I‘ve done it before though – I did a movie called „Stradivarius“, a beautiful movie and my first movie actually in 1987. That‘s where I‘ve met Giovanna, my wife. For me, my father was really one of the greatest actors of all times!

Even during his life time, the late Oscar-winning Anthony Quinn has become a legend. With his films (i.e. Zorba the Greek (1964) and Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Revenge with Kevin Costner) - and with a reputation as a lady-killer. At the age of 80 he became a father for the 13 th time.

Lorenzo, your father had a world-wide reputation as a "macho" - is this one of your characteristics, too?"

Lorenzo Quinn
Well you know, let me specify something. The real word „macho“ in Mexican means „man“. But there are different interpretations of men. You see, he was born in Mexico, he was born in 1915. And in 1915 it was different. For example, if you go to Arabia, you are allowed to have 5 wifes – it‘s normal. But here, to have 5 wifes at the same tim e, everybody thinks you are crazy, because it‘s not culturally excepted. I live in a different area than my father. When he was brought up, everything was different and his culture accepts the way he is. Because that‘s how it was. I‘m different; it‘s a different area and I have different ideals. I can‘t judge what‘s better or what‘s worse. So, the macho-thing for me is passed. Also my wife would just hit me on my head and it‘ll be over

Lorenzo's work is included in many impressive private collections throughout the world, which has lead to prodigious amount of commissioned work. In fact, Lorenzo has been commissioned by the Vatican  to sculpt the likeness of Saint Anthony  to commemorate the Eighth Centennial of the saints birth. The sculpture was blessed by the Holy Father in Saint Peter's square before it was placed on June 3, 1995 in the Basilica del Santo in Padua. He has also been commissioned by the United Nations to produce a stamp for their collection. He's been the focus of the ad campaign  for "Absolut Vodka" entitled "Absolut Lorenzo". At present Lorenzo works on a masterpiece: The 'Globe of Life'.

Of course, ultimately it is Lorenzo's name which attracts people. Which of us would not be proud to tell his acquaintances that he is the owner of a genuine Quinn!

If you are next in Barcelona, try out Lorenzo's restaurant, where you can also admire his sculptures.
Galeria Gastronomica

Pje de la Concepción 7; 08008 Barcelona - Spain
Tel. (+34) 932 988 730;

If you would like to contact the artist directly, please send an e-mail to
and I will forward your request to Lorenzo Quinn personally

Website Lorenzo Quinn



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