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Professor Ivo Pitanguy
Beauty doctor with golden hands

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is where the rich and the beautiful wend their way to meet a man who will make them even more beautiful. And since one never can tell when such services might come in useful, I also wanted to meet beauty guru Ivo Pitanguy for myself.

You will have to put up with a 13-hour flight, but the tingling sense of anticipation makes the time zoom past. Samba and lambada music is in the air. In Ipanema and on the Copacabana you can feel the rhythmic pumping of Brazil 's heart all year round. Leave your gold and silver home. Here a good tan is the only adornment you'll be needing......

Rio is the Mecca of beautiful women. Some owe their beauty to the talented hands of Prof.Dr. Ivo Pitanguy - one of the world's finest plastic surgeons. He is the Director of the Ivo Pitanguy Clinic, a private institution that has been attending patients from Brazil and all over the world, for over 30 years. Plastic surgery, in its entirety, is practiced at the Clinic, including aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. Prof. Pitanguy is member of the most prestigious medical societies and associations, both in Brazil and overseas, and also belongs to numerous cultural and ecological organizations.

Each day, the world-famous doctor does karate and tennis to help his concentration. Over 300 plastic surgeons practise in Rio, but Dr. Pitanguy - who has `uplifted' some of Hollywood 's finest - is regarded as the world's best and as a kind of Brazilian Robin Hood. He treats poor people form the slums for nothing. However, his well-to-do-patients have to fork out up to 20,000 dollars for a small face-lift. Besides his work, he appreciates the jet-set lifestyle, international travel and his beautiful home. Only a few people know that this highly intelligent surgeon can speak several languages, quote reams of verse by heart and is an avid art collector.

Interview 1

What is your opinion? How would you define the term beauty?

OT Pitanguy (English)

You are not only a doctor to the rich, you also look after the poor - what inspired you to do charity work?

OT Pitanguy (English)

When would you advise a person to have a face-lift?

OT Pitanguy (English)

Do you feel that a 50-year-old woman without wrinkles is beautiful?

OT Pitanguy (English)

What would you want to correct on me?

OT Pitanguy (English)

The beauty expert is by no means an adherent of exaggerated aesthetics and symmetrical faces. “Beauty is a harmony of asymmetry”, explains Pitanguy as he takes Nathalie on a tour of his house. The father of four children has written over 800 articles on modern techniques of plastic surgery. Hundreds of young plastic surgeons have been trained under the man with the golden hands. Funnily enough, neither the 80+-year-old, who is fit, or his wife have been under the knife themselves. Staying in trim and plenty of rest are his elixir of life.

A private jet and pilot are available at the weekends to fly Pitanguy's private VIP guests to his private island. Together we fly off in his private plane to his Robinson Crusoe island where Pitanguy and his family are most at home.

OT Pitanguy (English )

Pitanguy's island is over 3 kilometres long - a magnificent tropical paradise. A cheeky toucan blocks our way. Even on a private island, it seems one has to keep to the highway code! There's no such thing as a perfect body - unless of course Dr. Pitanguy has been at work. His guests lie next to his pool, where the tell-tale signs of the operation soon fade away. The surgeon has, however, never changed a person's identity, as might be requested for example by a spy. That, as Pitanguy says himself as we leave, remains - like the magic formula for eternal youth - a pipe dream!

Prof. Ivo Pitanguy's Clinic
Rua Dona Mariana, 65 - Botafogo; Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
Tel.: (0 XX 21) 2266-9500 ; Fax: ( XX 21) 2539-0314



* This special feature "Ivo Pitanguy " has been one of more than 200 VIP-Portraits, produced by Nathalie Gütermann for her TV-Shows 'Nathalie's Lifestyle' and 'Nathalie's Art of Living' that were broadcasted between 1990 - 2003 in Germany and in 15 countries world-wide. The content has been updated with actual information in 2004 for © 1990 - 2004. The reproduction or other use of any text, photographs, etc. needs the prior written permission of the Chief Publisher.

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