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MY "Be Mine"
A Lürssen Motor Yacht

Now I have something really special for you. Fulfil a dream and set out to sea - naturally not on this fishing boat, but on a super, luxury yacht.

“Be mine”, the waves whisper as the “Be Mine” glides effortlessly over the sea. The declaration of love applies to the most beautiful yacht of all which whisked us off for a few weeks to see the most splendid places in the world. The super-yacht from the renowned Lurssen shipyard in Bremen represents the quintessence of know-how in modern boat design. The 40-metre long yacht is a successful mixture of exemplary elegance and cool high-tech made in Germany . Anybody seeing “Be Mine” for the first time will fall in love immediately.

When Friedrich Lurssen set up the shipyard some 20 years ago, the company initially produced sturdy, seaworthy freight carriers and war ships which were launched from the stocks. Lurssen soon had a reputation for being a pioneer in technical ship construction. It is still its technology today that gives the Lurssen ship that special touch. No loud engine noises will disturb the trip - so let's set off into the sun, dive and swim. Bring along you closest friends to enjoy the best holiday of their life.

The Aga Khan, Donald Trump, Heidi Horton and the Burdas - they are all proud owners of a Lurssen yacht. As in the past, the 85 engineers design the ships according to marine safety regulations. Captain Andersson and his crew also lay an important role in ensuring that “Be Mine” safely manages the Atlantic crossings. The Captain knows that all the high seas and anchors in the world's most idyllic places. We go ashore in Bonifacio (Corsica), Porto Cervo (Costa Smeralda/Sardegna) and in Positano, an enchanting bay on the Italian coast. A few days later we arrive at the Côte d'Azur where we anchor the yacht in the bays of Canne, Nice and Monte-Carlo.

Anybody returning to his floating home after a trip ashore, will wish that the trip would never come to an end. With “Be Mine” the Lurssen shipyard, which has been in the possession of a single family for four generations, has created another masterpiece. It was elected “Superyacht of the year” in 1991 at the international boat fair in Fort Lauderdale ; the magazine “Showboats” awarded her another prize for the best interior.

Any objects which could possible slide, rattle or even fly through the air have been secured or disguised. Star designer dell'Anna from Milan has created a classical English look with a touch of luxury Italian refinement. Elegant understatement without ostentation is the in thing at the moment. The magnificent yellow salon is a lounge-cum-dining room rounded off with elegant fabrics, wood panelling, antiques, crystal and genuine silver. The evening meal is served on the finest porcelain. During the day we dine on the floating terrace outside. 8 crew members ensure everything runs smoothly, ready and willing to fulfil your every wish and command.

Up the spiral staircase to reach the tastefully furnished guest cabins. The VIP guest suite comprises a double cabin with a wardrobe you can actually walk into. The love for detail and op tim um use of space is of particular note in all 4 cabins. You will find all you need in a very small space without feeling at all claustrophobic. There is naturally enough space for every kind of luxury in the suite; it would be impossible to beat the bathroom's magnificence and it certainly makes you want to try out water games of every kind.

Sun, sea and lots of fun.... holiday on a mega ship offers limitless freedom all of which has its price though. Recently, a millionaire said to us: “Anybody wishing to own a luxury yacht, has to be able to write off the million dollars he pays for it”. Chartering a yacht costs about 25,000 - 35.000 dollars a week. The "Be Mine" has been sold recently, but there are other Lürssen-Yachts to charter.

Anybody who wants to get a close-up view of other great yachts should visit my feature about the Monaco Yacht Show in Monte Carlo.

Prince Leopold of Bavaria (l) and Peter Lürssen (r)
at the annual Monaco Yacht Show in Monte-Carlo

Fr. Lürssen Werft GmbH & Co.KG
Zum Alten Speicher 11; D - 28759 Bremen-Vegesack
Tel:: +49 421 6604 0; Fax: +49 421 6604 443

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* This special feature "Be Mine Yacht" has been one of more than 300 Portraits, produced by Nathalie Gütermann for her TV-Shows 'Nathalie's Lifestyle' and 'Nathalie's Art of Living' that were broadcasted between 1990 - 2003 in Germany and in 15 countries world-wide. The content has been updated with actual information in 2008 for © 1990 - 2008. The reproduction or other use of any text, photographs, layout etc. needs the prior written permission of the Chief Publisher.

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