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Photos of Nathalie


Nathalie's TV Productions

Nathalie has been a TV producer and presenter since over 20 years. In addition to her regular travel and leisure features, she offers companies and individuals the unique opportunity to promote their business, services and products 'in style'. On Web Television...!

Nathalie Gütermann is founder and managing director of her company "LifeStyle TV & Media Productions Co.Ltd", based in Bangkok. With an experienced camera team, script writers and narrators, she produces professional films for Web TV and national English channels in Thailand.

Together with confirmed TV experts from Germany, Nathalie is currently preparing a major TV series for German TV. The program will see an official launch in 2011, along with a book written and published by Nathalie.

See an overview of Nathalie's work in this photo slideshow:

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Corporate Films & Features

Do you want to promote your company or products in electronic media (e.g. on Web TV / You Tube), combined with a tailor-made detailed feature and photo slideshow? Using this fantastic marketing tool, you will reach a huge audience...!

To see examples of a PR video combined with features and photo slideshows, check out:

Discovery Moto Tours / Ultimoto Adventure (exclusive tours on motorbikes)
Bike Tour Video /// Bike Tour Feature (English) /// Bike Tour Feature (German)

If you wish to create brand awareness for your own product or company, please contact Nathalie.
She will consult you about your possibilities, be it advertising or an advertorial in her news blog.

Hollywood Glamour in Bangkok

Combining their respective international multimedia companies, Nathalie Guetermann and Nicholas Snow from Hollywood have teamed up and launched a new video series, "Nathalie & Nicholas", their slogan, "Bringing LIFE to LIFESTYLE!" This Web-TV-Show features 'red carpet events' and lifestyle related topics, e.g. the Bangkok Film Festival 2009, the Superyacht Rendezvous in Phuket, Fashion Shows, luxury hotels and VIP interviews. Parts of the series are also broadcast on national TV-channels and on a major German Web TV platform.

Photo: Nathalie Gütermann, Co-Presenter Nicholas Snow from Hollywood and cameraman & co-producer Bryan Hall

See details on Nathalie's Lifestyle News Blog:
Bangkok International Film Festival 2010
Festival Video /// Festival Feature

If you wish to create brand awareness for your own product or company, please contact Nathalie.
She will consult you about your unique possibility to be featured by 'Nathalie & Nicholas' on Web TV.

Nathalie's Lifestyle TV Channel

In Thailand, Nathalie produces films for national English channels (e.g. for UBC/True Vision 'Destination Thailand'), and for local stations such as 'Phuket Plus', 'Pattaya Plus' and 'Chiang Mai Plus'.

To see a selection of Nathalie's TV features produced in 2009 and 2010, please visit:
Nathalie's Lifestyle TV channel on YouTube

"Hello Samui" Holiday TV

Nathalie is one of the main presenters of this new lifestyle series, produced on the island of Koh Samui by 'Prime Star Productions'. It's a commercial holiday TV show of 30 minutes duration, broadcast daily at 9am and 6:30pm (prime time) via Samui Cable TV by "Samui Channel". It will be running the whole year 2010 from 4th of July onwards, providing an entertaining program for tourists and residents. 'Hello Samui' is promoting the island's businesses, companies, facilities, hotels and individuals. Expect serious features but with some shots of flamboyance, nonchalance, self-irony and fun...

See a photo slideshowand further information about the featured topics, please click here:

"The Making off...": Hello Samui - Holiday TV

If you wish to create brand awareness for your own product or company, please contact Nathalie.
She will consult you about your possibilities, be it advertising or an advertorial in 'Hello Samui TV'.

In the past:
Nathalie's TV show & worldwide distribution

During the 80s and 90s, Nathalie Gütermann produced her own TV-programs, 'Nathalie's Lifestyle' and 'Nathalie's Society', for Germany's leading TV channels.

Photo: Nathalie in front of 'Blenheim Palace', home of the 11th Duke of Marlborough in England (1995)

Nathalie is also known abroad through the international TV-Series 'Nathalie's Art of Living', distributed world-wide (1999 - 2003) through 'The Fremantle Corporation Ltd.' with offices in London, Paris and New York. Nathalie's Lifestyle series in English has been broadcast in over 30 countries. Being the producer, she still owns all rights (copyrights & distribution rights) to the TV-material. Click here to see details: TV-Archive 'Art of Living'

Nathalie Gütermann also produced several travel & lifestyle features for Germany's leading TV channels, e.g. ARD 'Brisant' - a daily boulevard magazine (primetime), 'Treffpunkt Airport' (live show on HR/ARD) and 'Holiday' (travel magazine on HR/ARD). Nathalie also shot reports for the 30 min SAT 1 travel magazine 'Auf und Davon' (Up & Away), the weekly Lufthansa Inflight Video Magazine, and TV Commercials for "Aktion Sorgenkind" on ZDF. 

Nathalie's TV productions include Research & Project Development, Scheduling, Calculation, Organization & Execution of schootings worldwide, Postproduction and Editing.

Nathalie in the media
Nathalie's herself, and her work as a TV prouducer, presenter, travel journalist and former hotelier, has been covered in many of Germany's and Thailand's leading magazines and newspapers. Go to press section to see more!

Featuring hip lifestyles, luxury living, cool eats, fun travel and chic events in Thailand, with a few surprises! See my latest features, photos & videos.