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Nathalie's Lifestyle

is the 'Art of living'. Discover the beauty of this world with Nathalie.

Nathalie offers a lifestyle that takes everyday life and makes it into something special. On the one hand her philosophy is the product of her privileged upbringing, as from childhood - and later in her professional career - Nathalie had the opportunity to meet with many interesting personalities and to see many of the world's fascinating places.

But the essential element which Nathalie adds, and which helps make her philosophy unique is her inborn and infectious sense of fun and joy. Friends say that she is positivity personified. This has nothing to do with prestige or a lot of money.

Nathalie's Lifestyle is the Art to enjoy life! maximises the very best life can offer. In her 'Lifestyle News Blog' and several lifestyle directories, comparable to a first-rate glossy magazine, Nathalie carefully presents select companies, and top-notch products and services, which are hardly known outside the inner circle of Europe's cognoscenti and which make life a lot sweeter.

But her main goal is to meet her discerning readers personally at selected events in Europe or at luxury guided adventures and tours in Asia. Nathalie now lives in Thailand and her goal is to finally bring to a small group of people Nathalie's “wow” experiences they will never forget.

Featuring hip lifestyles, luxury living, cool eats, fun travel and chic events in Thailand, with a few surprises! See my latest features, photos & videos.