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Photos of Nathalie



featured in 'Nathalie's Lifestyle' TV series in the 90s!

Born in New York, and raised in Switzerland and Germany, Nathalie speaks several foreign languages and is a welcome guest at the palaces and private parties of well-known personalities and celebrities. Her circle of friends includes members of international high nobility, corporate executives, and prominent figures in the world of Culture, Art and Entertainment.

In her TV show, which has been broadcast on several private TV channels in Germany over a period of 10 years, Nathalie Gütermann described the elegant 'European Lifestyle' she herself has known since birth. Coverage also included reports about her famous friends and unique personalities, who have really achieved something and who have played an important role in influencing the spirit of the times with their innovative ideas...

Please find herewith a selection of interesting personalities Nathalie has met during the past decades...


Jean-Paul Guerlain
(Parfume Dynasty)

showing Nathalie his magnificent Rose Garden at his beautiful private residence near Paris. Jean-Paul is known as 'the nose'.


Whitney Tower Vanderbilt
(Vanderbilt Dynasty)

and his cousin in the "Whitney Museum of Modern Art" in New York, USA., founded by his grand-mother.


Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell

is the world's leading producer of prestigeous writing accessories. Nathalie visited him at his castle in Stein, Germany


Gérard Depardieu (French actor)

with Nathalie at a cocktail-party, held by jeweller "de Grisogono" in Geneva.Gérard is a close friend of Fawaz Gruosi, owner of de Grisogono.


Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill - cousin of the late Lady Diana

is the daughter of the 11th Duke of Marlborough. Henrietta works as an interior designer & author in UK


His Grace, the 11th Duke of Marlborough

and Nathalie having tea at his home 'Blenheim Palace' in Woodstock, UK. His cousin, premier minister Winston Churchill, was born here...


Aristocrat Baron Manfred von Richthofen,

nephew of the legendary "red baron" shows Nathalie around the racing-stud in Baden-Baden - also famous for its legendary casino...


Alain-Dominique Perrin, President Richmond Group

tasting grapes in the vinyards of his "Chateau Lagrezette" in Cahors, France. At the time of the interview he was head of Cartier and founder of 'Les must des Cartier'


Princess Sunny zu Sayn-Wittgenstein,

is also known as actress Sunny Melles. She performed often at the 'Salzburg Festival' live on stage.


Professor Ernst Fuchs

is a painter, sculptor, architect. He founded of the 'Viennese School' of Phantastic Realism and painted Nathalie as "Cinderella" for the Salzburg Festival over 10 years ago.


Lord Wedgwood

is a producer of fine English china. He met Nathalie at the 'Wörlitzer Park' in Dessau, East-Germany.

Gunter Sachs

has made his name as famous bon-vivant, photo-grapher and Brigitte Bardot's ex-husband. He met Nathalie in St. Moritz, 1990.


Paulo Cohelo,

is a bestselling author from Brazil. Nathalie met him at Ute Ohoven's Charity Gala in Düsseldorf 2003.


Bruce Oldfield

is a renowned Haute Couture fashion designer from London, specialized in wedding dresses and extravagant evening gowns.


Lord Lichfield

is a famous and cousin of Queen Elizabeth of England. Nathalie met him at a party in Pankor Laut, Malaysia.


Nathalie & soul-legend Shirley Bassey,

She became famous with her interpretation of the James Bond themes, i.e 'Goldfinger' or 'Diamonds are forever'...


Princess Birgitta von Hohenzollern,

sister of the Swedish King Carl-Gustav, played Golf with Nathalie on the island of Mallorca, Spain.


Cartoonist Mordillo

lives on the island of Mallorca, Spain. He became well-known with his cartoons on calendars and in TV-spots. Nathalie featured him in her TV-Show 'Nathalie's Lifestyle'.


Nathalie with the late Zino Davidoff,

the world-famous "King of Cigars", 10 years ago in Geneva. There is still his flagship-store 'Davidoff' in the centre of Geneva town.


Italian fashion-tsar Giorgio Armani

gave Nathalie an exclusive interview at his atelier in Milan, Italy. He also allowed her to film his private Palazzo in Broni - a 'pink palace' which is made up like film setting.


Nathalie & Princess Salimah Aga Khan,

ambassador for 'SOS Kinderdörfer', at a private charity gala evening in Switzerland.


Nathalie & Ute-Henriette Ohoven,

UNESCO Ambassador for 'Children in Need'. Mrs. Ohoven was hosting an annual charity gala in Germany for several decades which ranked amongst the 10 Ten in the world.


Nathalie & Hansi Hinterseer,

former ski champion who turned to acting. He is also one of Germany's most successful singers.


Nathalie & Thomas Anders,

former lead-singer of Germany's most successful band "Modern Talking". Now solo on stage.


Nathalie with the late Barbara Cartland,

step-granni of the late Lady Diana. She gained world-recognition as author of romantic novels.


Antonico Reyes,

is the cousin of the 'Gipsy Kings' and band-leader of 'Los Reyes'. Nathalie sees him often in St.Maries-de-la-Mer, Camargue. Antonico is known as the "king of gipsies".


Dr. Geza Archduke of Habsburg,

a respected Fabergé Specialist, explaining Nathalie the fascinating history of the famous Russsian Easter Eggs and his family dynasty.


Alexandre de Paris, legendary hair-dresser

from Paris, showing Nathalie his salon and a new hair-styling. The Duchess of Windsor made him famous. He styled Grace Kelly and most of the European Queens.


Prince Luitpold von Bayern,

invited Nathalie to film his brewery and castle "Schloss Kaltenberg" in Germany.


Prince Leopold von Bayern

is a cousin of Prince Luitpold and also a direct descendent of King Ludwig of Bavaria, who built the castle "Schloss Neuschwanstein".


Georg Raphael (Raphael Hotels)

and Nathalie in his home-town Monte-Carlo. The famous hotelier is also involved in wine-business.


Gina Lollobridgida, Italian actress.

After her acting career the Hollywood-star started a second profession and became a photographer.


Eileen Ford, Ford Model Agency (New York)

explained Nathalie how difficult it is to become a model. Her FORD agency enjoys world-recognition.


Princess Diane von Fürstenberg

is a female tycoon. Nathalie visited the fashion designer in her atelier in Paris and her country-house in Connecticut near New York.


Nathalie and Aenne Burda,

co-founder of Germany's succesful publishing company "Burda Verlag" and "Burda Moden".


Baron Eckbert von Maltzahn,

head of the "Porzellan-Manufaktur in Nymphenburg". The company produces finest china.


Nathalie and Luc Pettavino,

event-organizer of the 'Monaco Yacht Show'. Recently he founded the charity 'One & only'.


Lorenzo Quinn, Son of the late Anthony Quinn,

& his wife Giovanna are friends of Nathalie. Lorenzo has made his own name as a renowned sculptor.


Nathalie and George from Washington, USA...

George who...? Make your own guess!


Nathalie and Chico, founder of the 'Gipsy Kings'

at his hacienda in Arles, Camargue. Nathalie's exclusive incentive trips include a private concert with Chico and his band.


Viviane Westwood, fashion-designer from UK

with Nathalie and PR Expert Marietta Andrea, who is a close friend of Karl Lagerfeld.


Nathalie with Carlo Lamprecht,

Minister of Economics in Geneva, at 'Le Bal de Dirigeant' 2003.


Nathalie with Elizabeth Teissier,

famous astrologer and consultant to politicians and famous personalities


Nathalie with UNESCO General Manager,

Dr. Koichiro Matsuura at an exclusive Charity-event for the benefit of Children in need, organised by Nathalie and her husband.


Nathalie with Kofi Annan,

General Secretary of the UN - without doubt one of the world's most important personalities...


Kofi Annan

is also one of the most protected men in the world. 20 bodyguards surrounded the impressive meeting during an UNESCO event, organised by Nathalie in Geneva!


Gregory Belmonti - the 'modern Caruso'

is also known as star-tenor Gregor Prächt in his native Germany. Nathalie joined him on a cruise to Italy's coast.


French actor Alain Delon

is performing on theatre stage in Paris and has once again a huge success. In his interview with Nathalie he reveals secrets, including his love life with the late Romy Schneider...


More to come soon...!

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