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Television Coverage

National and international TV stations
featuring Art Palace...

WDR (Public TV Germany): "Kölner Treff"

PRO 7 (Private TV Germany): "Lebe Deinen Traum"
KABEL 1 (Private TV Germany): "Leben im XXL-Format"

UBC / SKY (Public TV Asia): "Destination Thailand"

SAMUI CHANNEL(TV Samui): "VIP Make-over" (You Tube)

Press Coverage

Major magazines and newspapers
covering Art Palace...

February 2008


"Ibiza Feeling at Nathalie's"

Nathalie , owner of Nathalie 's Art Palace , never ceases to amaze the public with her artistic flair for entertainment within her illustrious palace. On the evening of January 20th 2008, Nathalie brought to her poolside terrace one of the most famous Ibiza groups that have graced the island of Koh Samui with their presence. Robbie Romero and DJ Dimix, presented to Nathalie 's many guests their concept of ‘Ibiza Feelings' with dance integrated into a mix of Latino House, Electro House and Minimal music, to produce an art show that stimulated the senses.


January / February 2008



" Thai Queen"

Wenn Ex-Frankfurter zurückkehren, dann sprudeln immer ganz viele Geschichten aus ihnen heraus. So auch bei Nathalie Gütermann, die früher als TV-Lifestyle-Moderatorin unterwegs war. "Ich habe bei der Werbeagentur J.W. Thompson gearbeitet - war eine tolle Zeit", verriet sie mir, als sie im Maritim Hotel einen Schnellkurs im Sushi-Rollen bekam. Dieses Wissen kann sie nun in Thailand anwenden, wo sie auf Koh Samui selbst ein Hotel betreibt (Infos:

More articles in

"Frankfurter Neue Presse" + "Blitz-Tip FFM"

December 2007


Bangkok's Independent Newspaper

"Spending time on Samui"

On the hill overlooking Chaweng Lake, former German TV personality Nathalie Guthermann turned a deserted apartment building in mid-construction into Samui's only lounge hotel. "I came here for vacation many times with my husband - one of our favourite destinations," Guthermann says. "I found this building and thought it would be a great idea to turn it into a summer house for our family and friends. But since they might stay down here for only a month each year, I could as well open a hotel and have some guests while vacationing here myself" ...

September / October 2007

In-Flight Magazine 'Fah Tai'


"Palace Maiden"

Nathalie Gütermann was once a fixture on her German TV series Nathalie's Lifestyle , but nowadays, she's more likely to be found in her new home – Koh Samui. She runs Nathalie's Art Palace ( right, Chaweng Lake, tel +66 (0)77 231485, ), a guesthouse filled with paintings on a hill overlooking Chaweng Lake. Known for throwing chic parties, the popular hostess is clued in on all the island's treasures. Here, she reveals a few....


October - December 2007


"The Lifestyle Guru"

TV Producer, Presenter and Lifestyle Journalist Nathalie Gütermann os the woman behind the first truly hip lounge hotel on Samui, Nathalie's ART PALACE, nestled above Chaweng Lake on Kao Hua Juuk Hill. 24 "Deluxe Art Rooms"are decorated with copies of famous masters with 2 pools, 4 open air rooftop terraces, stunning views and a very sophisticated multilevel bar & lounge area. For over 12 years, Nathalie produced and presented her own TV-Show "Nathalie's Lifestyle"...

Juli 2007


"Funky Hotels in Thailand "...

Im Bett mit Picasso, einschlafen mit Monet und aufwachen mit Van Gogh. Das Hotel der deutschen ehemaligen Moderatorin Nathalie Gütermann nennt sich Art-Palace, nicht nur wegen der unzähligen Bilder an den bunten Wänden. Vielmehr veranstaltet die Hausherrin auch regelmässig Vernissagen und andere Kunstevents in den Räumlichkeiten des Hotels. 18 Zimmer hat das kleine hippe Hotel und das Zentrum Chawengs ist nur wenige Minuten entfernt.

Weblink (Tipps)

April 2007



"Glücks-Oase in Thailand"
Moderatorin Nathalie Gütermann liebt ihr Lifestyle Hotel

Nathalie ist ein sehr glücklicher Mensch. Auf Thailands schönster Insel Koh Samui lebt die Journalistin und Lifestyle-Expertin ihren Lebenstraum: Hier, im Land der Sonne und der fröhlichen Menschen, betreibt die "kosmopolitische Aussteigerin" seit 2006 ihr eigenes Trendhotel "Nathalie's ART PALACE" - ein Haus für individualisten, die Nathalies Lifestylewelt persönlich erleben wollen...


December 2006


"Island Interview: Nathalie Gütermann"
Life in a Palace

Nathalie Gütermann is a cosmopolite who recently opened her own guest house and nightclub, just opposite Chaweng Lake View. She holds regular soirées, and the venue attracts a hip young crowd who come here to socialize. With a beautiful interior swimming pool and rooms filled with art, 'Nathalie's Art Palace' is imbued with lifestyle. This month, Samui Community Magazine went along to find out a little more about the person behind the art...

WeblinkSee full article (pdf) ...

April 2006


"Die fabelhafte Welt der Nathalie":
Die Nähseiden-Prinzessin lebt in ihrem eigenen Hotel

Sie ist schön, schlank, blond - und unheimlich quirlig. Seit Monaten lebt Nathalie Gütermann dort, wo andere Urlaub machen: auf Thailands Trauminsel Koh Samui. Doch zum Abschalten und Entspannen ist die Nähseiden-Prinzessin nicht hier. Sie ist Chefin ihres eigenen Hotels, dem hippen "Nathalie's ART PALACE"...


The island's newspaper

"Nathalie brings class and hip happenings to Samui"

Like its owner, the new outique residence is funky, fashionable and colorful. Television producer and lifestyle journalist Nathalie Gütermann arives on the island's social scene complete with an illustrious past and fastrising reputation as leader of the "hip happening scene". She recently opened the first truly "hip" hotel on Samui, Nathalie's ART PALACE", nestled above Chaweng Lake with gardens all around. A vivacious, intelligent and beautiful woman, Nathalie brings a special sophisitication to Samui...

Online Reviews: Webzines covering Art Palace

Other magazines / newspapers covering Art Palace in 2006...

Samui Express August - September 2006

Summernight Dream in White - Nathalie's Birthday Party @ Art Palace

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Samui Express - September 2006

La Dolce Vita - Italian Night @ Art Palace

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Community Magazine August - September 2006

Cherryl Hayes @ Art Palace. An evening for Rotary Club

'Si Samui' Magazine; May - July 2006
Funky Fashion-Show @ ART PALACE

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Samui Journal; May - June 2006

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Samui Express Magazine, May & June 2006

  • Samui Express - "May 12 auction set for kids' oil paintings" ( May 5 - 18, 2006 ) See full article (pdf)
  • Samui Express - "Marriage of Color a big success" ( June 2 - 15, 2006 ) See full article (pdf)

Samui Journal, May - June 2006

Samui Guide, April 2006

Samui Journal; March / April 2006

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Community Magazine; March / April 2006

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Samui Guide March 2006

A selection of Nathalie's monthly lifestyle column

published in "Der Farang", a German newspapaer published in Thailand

(about WDR - Nathalie as guest in Germany's major television talk show...)
(about the "party destination" Koh Samui... the "Ibiza of Asia"...)
(about SKAL and other international organisations, such as UNESCO)
(about Wellness and Health programs on the island of Koh Samui)
(about great new restaurants and fun events on Samui and at the Art Palace)
(about great established restaurants on Samui, i.e Chez Andy and Ocean 11)
(about German TV at Art Palace & on Samui, Koh Tan Island, Fishermen's Village)
(about the best places to eat Lunch and Dinner + some secret tips...)
(about Art Exhibition @ Art Palace, Jungle Club, and Samui's only goldsmith)
(about my UNESCO charity work; Boat excursions with Junk boat "La Fortune")
(about culinary delights and events on Koh Samui)
(about Villa Nalinnadda and about "Elvis Night" at the Art Palace)
(about the opening of the new "Four Seasons Hotel" on Koh Samui)



Art Palace Advertising: Banners on Taxis (2007)


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