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The ART of Living

Did you ever dream to be a guest in a beautiful residence surrounded by world-famous works of art? Well, at Nathalie's ART PALACE you can even choose an "art room". Each guest room and the connecting hallways are decorated with 1:1 copies of famous masters - all reproduced to perfection by local artists.

At the Palace the following deluxe "art rooms" available:

Dali Suite Monet Suite van Gogh Suite Botero Suite Lempicka Suite Kandinsky Suite Miro Suite
Roy Liechtenstein SuiteKeith Haring Suite Honeymoon Suite Hollywood Suite Paris Suite Egypt Suite

Nathalie in the red "Botero Suite" (above and left). Right: Details from the "Lolita de Lempicka" room in silver

The "Miro" Room in brown, yellow and gold colors

The "Van Gogh Room" in orange, yellow and blue colors

Details from the "Klimt Suite" (left) and a portrait of actor Sean Commery in the "Hollywood Room"

A wide ange shot of the "Hollywood Room" on the 3rd floor - in silver and red colors

The "Keith Haring" room in green and red colors

Details from the "Dali Suite" on the 2nd floor with light blue, yellow and brown colors

Nathalie with members of her staff in the "Lolita de Lempicka" room with silver and orange colors

The "Kandinski Suite" on the 3rd floor with mauve and pink colors

The "Roy Liechtenstein Room" in light yellow mixed with blue elements

Copy paintings from many more artists such as Andy Warhol, Picasso, Renoir or Leonardo da Vinci can be admired in the lobby and numerous hallways. Interested guests can order exhibited works of art directly in the residence.

Please find more photos of rooms and hallways in the hotel's photo gallery

NEW: In addition to our Deluxe "Art Rooms" at the palace we can now also offer 2 beautiful luxurious pool villas...

see PDF

Chaweng, the district where the guesthouse is located, is the biggest - and the best - center for copy painting in Asia! Nathalie has created her "ART PALACE" as an hommage to world-famous painters and especially to all Samui artists who are working very hard to make their living and who are reproducing famous classics that would really make the old masters proud. More...

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