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Camargue Adventure

Audience with the king of the gipsies

This "Lifestyle Experience" has been designed for a small group of quality people who like to enjoy gipsy music, romantic cowboy and campfire atmosphere in simple but charming surroundings. Here you will not find superficial luxury, but great value for money and pure joy of life .

Dress-Code: Jeans, boots and bandanas.

Photo: Antonico Reyes & Nathalie at the gipsy-festival in St.Maries-de-la-Mer, 1990

Come and join Nathalie on this adventure-trip where you will meet Antonico Reyes of 'Los Reyes' , one of the world's most famous gipsy musicians. His uncle is legendary guitarist Manitas de Plata, his cousins became known as the 'Gipsy Kings'. Depending your special wishes, join the cowboys and expand your mind in a world of black bulls and wild white horses. This weekend-trip also includes a treasure hunt and jeep-safari, gipsy parties on the beach, flamenco evenings, lifestyle-lectures, a cultural excursion to Arles "On the trail of Van Gogh" and a gala-dinner-spectacle at the charming hacienda of Chico - founder of the Gipsy Kings

Sun, Fun & Bamboleo !

Dresscode: Red & Black

...or Jeans, hats & boots!

Join the Camargue cowboys

...on horse-back

...or book a Jeep-Safari

to see the black bulls,

pink flamingos & wild horses!

Members of the famous

gipsy bands 'Gipsy Kings'

& 'Los Reyes' will perform

for you all night long ...


You can also celebrate your "wedding-anniversary" just like a real gipsy. Renew your vows in a typical gipsy church, while you sit in golden chairs and gipsy musicians play 'Bamboleo'. The benediction will be held by an original patriarch, followed by a 'flamenco-fiesta' at Chico's hacienda.

A traditional gipsy church

and an original spectacle!

Dress like a real gipsy...

and invite friends & family.

To learn more about the gipsy history and the gipsy festival in Camargue, please see
Nathalie's Special Feature

If you wish to invite the gipsy bands "Los Reyes" or "Chico & the Gipsies" to your special event at your private home - no matter where you live in the world - Nathalie will organise it for you, too!

For further information, Terms & Conditions and package fee, please contact

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